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Cold Harbor

Portuguese Water Dogs

Application Process

The Application Process for purchasing a Portuguese Water Dog is designed to ensure our puppies will be cared for, loved and live a long life in their "forever home".  I am always available by phone for any questions  - I am sure you will have a few


Step 1

Begin the process by reviewing information on the PWDCA.ORG website

The Association is rich in information for you review.

Step 2

The second step is to call Lorna to ensure puppies are still available and ask questions.

Step 3

Once you have gathered data and conversed with Lorna you will the next step is to complete the "Application" by clicking the box below

Step 4

Submit a deposit via paypal or check to Lorna to ensure you placement in the puppy selection process.  Lorna will not accept a deposit unless it is 100% chance that your family is to receive a puppy.  

Step 5

Review detailed information to help your family select the best puppy for your home and family situation


Call Lorna




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